In the image of its immense territory, the art produced by the Indian civilisation has a long, rich history and is incredibly varied.

From the period of the Kushan in the beginning of our era, to the kingdom of Vijayanagar of the 14th century and from the regions of Gandhara to the city of Mathura, the art of sculpture has always been transmitted and spread to surroundings neighbours. In the North of India the period of Gupta, Pala-Sena and Kashmir was thus turned towards the Tibet, the Nepal and Java. The South on the other hand, influenced by the periods of Amaravati, the dynasties of the Pallava as well as the Chola, created its own vocabulary in order to decline the representations of Buddha and the Hindus gods such as Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha or Durga.

The influence of Southern India was turned towards Sri Lanka and South East Asia.